I cry for Ecuador...

6 de Febrero de 2001

I cry for Ecuador.

I cry for Ecuador because its politicians appear to be interested only in enriching themselves and in perpetuating themselves in power.

I cry for the clergy who do not know how to minister or what charity is.

I cry for the members of the Armed Forces who do not understand that state and nation are not the same in Ecuador. That do not understand that they should be collaborating with and supporting the peoples of Ecuador to bring a new state into being, a state that will concern itself with the well-being of all its members.

I cry for the people of Ecuador, especially indigenes and blacks, cholos and mestizos, servant and laborers regardless of their ethnicity, who have been and continue to be abused and exploited, denigrated and mistreated.

I cry for the poor of Ecuador, who have come to constitute the overwhelming majority of the population and who are struggling to survive under increasingly adverse circumstances.

I cry for the women of Ecuador who have yet to be treated fairly and as equals.

I cry for the children of the streets of Ecuador, few of whom will survive to adulthood.

I cry for the disappearing forests of Ecuador. For the flora and fauna that we can never bring back.

I cry for Ecuador because its problems have been centuries in the making and admit of no facile solutions.

I cry for Ecuador because so many of our friends and some of our family are Ecuadorians.

I cry for Ecuador because my beloved is Ecuadorian.

I cry for Ecuador.

Michael T. Hamerly.
Historiador y Ecuatorianista.

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